Thursday, February 21, 2008

Filipinos, wake up from your slumber!!!

Filipinos, Wake Up!!!

The uproar on the ZTE-NBN scan is a proof that Filipinos are trying to mature politically and are not tolerating more corruption in our government. Our people have stood up to fight for the truth and I pray that it fall into good grounds to start roots of good governance.

GMA is not the government. She’s just on top of it, the lord of the messed ring of cohorts. I respect a duly elected president and I respect her right to clean up her own mess, even if it includes an erring husband or close friends in her Cabinet. The President must respect her people and put her erring government officials into the light of justice.

I give her the credit she’s due but all of that credit is thrown into obscurity if she can’t handle people big liars like Abalos in her cabinet. I expect my president to be the top patriot for this country. I would die for a patriotic president who would only think of the best for this country and not conceal thieves and robbers of the people’s money. I don’t think she’s worthy of that right now.

Lozada, De Venecia and countless brave souls may not be the cleanest government people we knew but I admire them for standing up for their country.

Madame President, don’t let wolves ruin your well laid plan for the country. I still believe you can clean up your own mess. And by then, maybe you would earn my respect and die for your cause.

By the way, why is Abalos still out there free with Garcillano and Lintang Bedol? Is our justice system that hopeless?

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