Thursday, July 17, 2008

Supporting Life, Condemning Corruption


I admire the courage and fidelity of our church and non-government leaders for standing up against the threat to the unborn human life. (Obama is a pro-abortion leader, so watch out.)

The biggest problem of the country is not overpopulation. I believe that corruption and ill governance account for the problem on peace and order, sluggish economy, higher taxes and poor infrastructures.

The best way to solve population issues is through education and empowerment. If we can educate our people that bearing more children is a bigger responsibility, then we will have a good start. Giving them condoms, access to artificial birth control and sex education in school are just like “band-aid” solution. We will give this country some decency to solve problems by our inherent trait for love of life, and the beauty of it.

Filipinos who are enlightened / educated have the awareness of the responsibilities of pregnancies, wanted or unwanted as it may be. Their education provided them tools to fend for themselves and their families.

90 million Filipinos doesn’t make the Philippines crowded. It only crowds Manila. Go to the nearby provinces and you would see that life transpires 100 times slower than Metro Manila.

90 million Filipinos are the human resource than will change the history of the Philippines in the next decade. You just have to empower these 90 million and make them work for a better Philippines.

Have you heard about Ramon Revilla Jr running for VP? Have you heard about the Northrail Chinese fiasco? Have we seen the end of the NBN Scandal? Have we seen the incarceration of corrupt Comelec officials like Abalos, Garcillano and Lintang Bedol?

It is up for you, Filipino, to stand up and condemn these mistakes. You are part of the “over-population” that the government leaders are ranting about. They are too.

Isn’t it that the Philippine Government is OVER-POPULATED with crocodiles, sharks, liars, murderers, plunderers and tyrants of the Filipino people?

Are you one of them?

- Tax Protector

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Rhea said...

hi b! thanks for using raine's hand. although mukha siyang claw. hehe. great write-up! my mom would be so proud of you! i love you! i only wish more people could see it...