Friday, September 12, 2008


Our Government is the most corrupt government system in the world. The only people that will tell me I am wrong are our shameless government leaders who can swallow to see our people suffer.

Have you heard of the family that committed suicide because of poverty? Have you heard about the C5 mess, the Court of Appeals Fiasco, the Meralco-GSIS stinking mess, the NBN-ZTE big time cover-up? Have you heard Ex Soc-Gen Frank Chavez say that 90% of the judiciary is stinkingly corrupt? Have you heard that GMA vetoed and pushed the contract for the Northrail with the Chinese? Have you heard that it takes 52 days to start a business here in the Philippines? Amazingly shameful.

President Arroyo, isn't this government the most corrupt government in the world?

This country will only see progress when we see politicians languish in jail for STEALING OUR TAX MONEY!!! Unfortunately, not in GMA's watch.

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