Friday, September 12, 2008


I was relieved that McCain and Palin were able to take over Obama in the recent US Polls. Obama is anti-life, pro-abortion and believer of same sex marriage.

If Obama wins, I will not be surprised that the Population bill of Edcel Lagman will be enacted into law. I hope you realize that Philippines is teh remainign bastion of conscience among the Catholic countries.

If Obama can't care for an innocent life of a fetus, how much more caring for the world?

Our "experts" from UP, supported by our tax money, are giving in to the Population bill. They are saying that the economy is suffering due to over-population.

What about over-corruption? Just trim down down corruption by ten percent and you will not even worry about over-population.

COMMON SENSE IS NOT SO COMMON AFTER ALL and for a lot of people, Money is more fun than principle.

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