Tuesday, November 4, 2008

EURO Generals and their Evil Masters

The scandal caused by the so called Euro Generals is another blatant disregard of the law from law-enforcers themselves.

Honestly, I couldn't blame it all on the generals. I think they started as clean, idealistic and service-oriented individuals but were engulfed by the stinking corruption of our government system. These generals look up to their masters and if the masters are evil, amassing public wealth on their own without getting caught, that gives the generals their "inspiration".

Not all police officers are corrupt. I know a few good people who serve our country so well and I am proud to know them.

But if we see these generals as bad examples to our police force, would we stil trust them? When I was younger, i was taught that when you are lost, ask the policeman (patrolman pa yata nun). I believe that we deserve to honor the service of our policemen and let's continue to be thankful to their dedication, even when their generals follow evil masters.

And here's one prediction by 2010. The Arroyo couple will suffer a much bitter fate than that of Erap Estrada. I guess, 80 million Filipino people deserves justice. (Or it might not happen, after all Imelda Marcos is still out and free, like we just forgot what they did to this country.)

As a hopeless friend of mine said, "Who cares now?"

And I said,"I care."

The Taxprotector

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