Saturday, January 24, 2009


Strange enough, US President Barack Obama just signed a law allowing US funds to be directed to the support of international abortion campaign.

He's not happy with the idea that he kills millions of babies in the US and he now wants to kill more babies worldwide.

And starnger as it is, is the play of words. Try to write OBAMA in reverse and you will have AMABO. Could it mean AM ABOrtion happy?

I like the new US President for what he represents for most of us but being a pro-abortion leader makes him a questionable character. I hope that he would realize that someday, her daughters will also bear children and I hope they dont experience the pain of losing a defenseless baby.

This is a sad day for the world, a horrific day for unborn babies all over the world.

PHILIPPINES, be the light of the world and don't give in to the ABORTION programs that we are facing right now!

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