Monday, June 8, 2009


Wendell Phillips, an American anti-slavery abolitionist, once said, “Mark my grave with INFIDEL and TRAITOR. I am an infidel to a church that compromises with wrong and a traitor to a government that oppresses the people.” Our erring congressmen are just plainly infidels and traitors to the people.

Most of us probably feel betrayed with the blatant disregard of the law by our elected politicians. We feel betrayed of this Con Ass circus because we elected them to carry our sentiments in the seats of government and not to disregard and trample on our rights.

These traitors must be entombed 100 feet below the ground and marked as TRAITORS for the next generation to remember. We should hang these traitors and awaken the ever-forgiving and naïve Filipino people that we deserve a change in governance and scrap these polluted, stinking cycle in ill-governance.

If a fake president, who admitted to cheating her way into election victory, leads a cast of clowns and traitors in Congress, what now Filipinos? Shall we take this sitting down?

Let’s build the legal guillotines to kill these traitors. We had enough of these betrayals. Let’s take up arms to make them realize that being a leader is not a privilege but a responsibility to your constituents. Let’s do what the Katipuneros did with their cedulas, forget status quo and demand for change, change for good.

If the State fails to protect its people from the same leaders that abuses their position, we the sovereign people of the Philippines, should stand up and correct this nonsense.

Let’s hurt the purse of our politicians. Let’s send them to jail. As long as they have the money, they will continue to oppress not just the poor but the silent middle class. The struggle for change does not entirely lie on the hands of the oppressed but the silent majority who are indifferent with the abuses in our community.

Civil disobedience is a right that a sovereign people possess when law enforcement is futile and leadership is hostile.


Namamayagpag ang mga tiwali at walang konsensyang mga kongresista sa pagpasa ng isang panukala na nagpapakita lamang na kayang kaya nilang abusuhin ang kanilang tungkulin. Ang pagbabago sa ating saligang batas para ang isang huwad na president ay manatili sa pwesto ay isang malaking kahangalan.

TRAIDOR. Yan ang itawag natin sa ating mga pinuno na walang inisip kungdi ang magpakayaman sa pwesto. TRAIDOR ang itawag natin sa mga kongresista na pinagkatiwalaan natin ng ating boto. TRAIDOR ang itawag natin sa mga lintek na politico na naniniwala sa kapangyarihan ng isang pekeng presidente.

Maging abala sa bayan!

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