Monday, March 10, 2008

10 Questions for a Filipino

Please answer with sincerity:

1. Have you ever paid a MMDA or a police officer some “lagay” to avoid driver’s license confiscation?

2. Have you paid a fixer to process your legal documents such as driver’s license, business permit, building permit, police clearance, etc?

3. Do you know of a known corrupt official and yet, you never bothered to correct?

4. Have you bought pirated DVDs and software?

5. Do you keep a government official’s or police officer’s calling card in your wallet that you would show when apprehended by police?

6. Have you voted for a public official that is corrupt?

7. Did you believe Abalos with all his lies?

8. Do you actually prefer imported products than locally produced?

9. Have you used government resources for personal interest?

10. Do you think Jose De Venecia is a big help to the country?

If you answered yes to all of the questions, then you are the biggest shame of this country.

If you answered 7to 9 yes, you are a blight and disgrace to this country.

If you answered 4 to 6 yes, you need to get more dose of patriotism.

If you answered 1 to 3 yes, you are still a blight but you are not hopeless.

If you answered yes to question number 7, then you are like Abalos.

If you answered yes to question # 10, then you are still stupid to believe such fallacies.

If you answered yes to question # 1, then you are exactly the same as 80% of our corruption supporting countrymen.

If you answered yes to question # 4, then you are actually stealing people’s right for their work.

If you never said yes to any of the questions above, then you are the HERO that I am looking for. You are a rare breed. We should have more people like you. Who knows, you are the 100th monkey that will change the Philippines from the “sick man of Asia” to the “Pride of the brown race”.

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