Sunday, March 9, 2008

My prayer for my country

I hope God will not come to a point to say, “Give me one honest Filipino politician, and I will spare the Philippines.” It is obvious that the continuous despair of our country is a by-product of our government’s ever insatiable appetite for corruption. I said “government” collectively because I have seen corruption with my own eyes from the building officials office, LTO, Airport Customs, PNP, MMDA and even one of the highest elected official of this country.

I loathe these people. As I have mentioned it is our tax money that’s giving our government offices their budget to operate. We have the right to demand for quality and honest service. .

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) was able to collect 712 billion Pesos of tax money. Good but not good enough if the national budget is at 1.1 trillion pesos. International Herald Tribune carried the UN Development Program report in 2004 that mentioned 13% of our national budget goes to corruption and mainly to public works contracts, government supplies and equipments. The figure seems not include kickbacks from government loans like ZTE-NBN, North rail, etc. (Can’t we just put honest and brave guys on top of the DPWH, Dep Ed and Customs, to name a few?) No wonder why the Philippines still ranks as one the most filthy places for government corruption.
Corruption is addictive and just like a dreaded disease, it is contagious.

It was also in 2004 that the GMA government hired the services of Tony Kwok, the guy that cleaned up Hongkong’s government of corruption. Our President gladly pronounced that corruption will be gone in 3 years. What do we have now? After 3 years, the First Couple are under fire for corruption. Sorry Tony Kwok, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

If the Sandiganbayan can only prosecute 6% small time crooks in the government, does it serve us Filipinos? Sandiganbayan, which means Pillar of the Society in English, is actually a disgrace. I can openly say, cowards fill the Sandiganbayan office.

Help me pray. Let’s pray for at least one honest, brave and patriotic Filipino Politician who can stir change. Help me pray ‘cause people are losing hope.

And help me stand with you on our fight to make Philippines a country that we can truly be proud of.

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