Sunday, March 9, 2008

My 80,000 Pesos Tax

I was lucky to find work in the country's biggest real estate company and the pay was good. It was after I decided to go back to Manila after working abroad.

I landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport with the NAIA 3 Building at a distance, standing like a dark ghost. I wonder that if the new Airport would actually bring some pride to us OFWs unlike the existing airport that is leaking with water when it rains.

So, I worked in my beloved homeland again. I was very passionate and hardworking, being able to work on multi-million peso construction projects such as the beautiful Serendra in Fort Bonifacio. I also have to accept the fact that I have to contribute to the society by paying my income tax, on top of the daily 12% EVat that we pay for purchased goods.

So, I paid 80,000 pesos as tax to the government. It is not so big but is higher compared to a common taxpayer. What can an 80,000 tax do? Well, for a fact that it can actually light up EDSA for two weeks or pay 4 police captains for a month, .

You now ask yourself, is your tax lighting EDSA or paying policemen to keep our roads safe?

Or the one that you voted last May stealing your tax money?


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rheaangela said...

I'm praying with you honey!