Friday, April 11, 2008

Help me get my proposed Citizen Action Bill to Congress

Who can sponsor my proposed Bill, the Citizen Action Bill?

Corruption in the government is rampant yet only a few, and often small culprits, are put into justice. It is because the only agency in the government assigned to hunt them is the Sandiganbayan. I am not happy with their performance. I believe that there is still space for corrupt government officials in Muntinlupa’s Bilibid grounds.

I propose a bill that empowers our citizenry to file corruption charges against our government officials, both elected and appointed. I propose that corruption charges be accepted for filing in lower courts such as municipal and regional trial courts. I believe that a lot of us are aware of corruption but we don’t know how to speak it out and in the process, also protect ourselves from retribution.

This bill will be coordinated with the Witness Protection Program.

Can you imagine if the government will be watched by the 90 million people all over the country? We can eradicate corruption!

The bill aims to achieve the following:

deglamorize the politics in the country
help provide transparency in government dealings
deter anomalous deals within the government
promote nationalism
and lastly, plant a seed of change in our people’s hearts

I am looking for support for this bill. If you are a lawyer, a concerned citizen, a businessman or just an ordinary Juan Dela Cruz who’s tired of all the backward growth of the Philippines, please email me at or visit

Let’s join our hands together and make this possible!

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